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35 Comments on How To Modify A Nerf Recon Sniper Rifle

  1. When you use non Nerf related mods such as the real bipod you were going to
    order or even the tactical scope you showed, what do you do to ensure the
    mods will fit onto the tactical rails on the Nerf gun(s)? I have a non Nerf
    scope I’d like to use, but I wanted to see if you had any suggestions on
    how to mount the scope properly to ensure a secure fit.

    Once more, Thank you!

    • +Gerardo Suarez Usually I paint all the parts black first, then choose the
      parts I want to do white, then swirl paint the white parts and leave the
      other parts black.

    • Ohooo this is excellent news! Thank you once again. And while I am on the
      subject of the retaliator; on a related mod video I asked you what you used
      to paint the handle black and you mentioned to use black Krylon or that
      Vinyl stuff, the question is; did you swirl paint it first and then pained
      the portion black or was it the other way around?

  2. Im sorry for hate, but im here for a TOTORIAL not a HERE IS MY PROGRESS ON
    IT, IM JUST WASTING YOUR TIME! Im sorry, i was looking forward to the vid
    but, its just a pure waste of time.

    • It was a Nerf Recon and I got the parts from orangemodworks.com but I would
      only use the spring and plunger tube they have because the barrels are too
      tight fitting for the darts.

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