[TUTORIAL] How to Paint a Nerf Gun

This is a tutorial for how I paint a nerf gun. I figured that I had some techniques that might be useful to you so I made a tutorial on how to paint your nerf gun.

If you are wondering this gun is my Rayven/Rampage Integration. It can be found at:


Primer: Black Vinyl Dye
Base Coat: Duplicolor Gunmetal Met
Details: Citadel Moot Green

If you wish to contact me or commission me, I can be reached at:
If you have any questions leave your questions in the comment below.

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43 Comments on [TUTORIAL] How to Paint a Nerf Gun

  1. A huge tip on spray paint. When I use a base coat I use the cheap WALMART
    brand Matte Black paint. It’s like 96 cents a can and works really well

  2. I have some questions..
    1. Instead of using paint brushes to paint the fine details, can i just use
    masking tape to cover up the places i don’t want painted and spray paint a
    second color
    2. Is this clear coat really necessary?
    3. Does it have to be a respitory mask? Can i just use a normal like filter

  3. At the time this video was published, I had no way of knowing how rare the
    rayven stinger would become. I got this for $15 LOL. And I don’t regret
    painting it because tbh the stinger paint scheme is pretty ugly.

  4. mag212 is vasaline a good lube or grease for nerf gun as well as flute oil
    and trumpet oil and tell me quick because I gotta go soon to a war at my
    friends house

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