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  1. You’re generally not supposed to mix Shimmer Lights with a normal
    conditioner, especially one Head & Shoulders because it will completely
    cancel out the purple tint that lightens your hair.

  2. I bleached my hair with 40 volume. I HAD to! I had gorgeous ash blonde hair
    and after my husband made several comments that I should go dark I did and
    what a mistake! To go from so blonde to almost black back to blonde is
    bleached again with 20 volume and toned with 10 volume and I’m back to

  3. from going reddish dark brown to ash blonde, a year ago, try saturating
    hair overnight in pure coconut oil and then dye hair without rinsing the
    oil out. it will really protect your hair and works just fine. the color
    lifts. Your hair will love you for it. Look up coconut oil and hair
    bleaching. it is very common.

    • Did you try the coconut oil yet? And I agree, moroccan oil IS a wonderful
      product as well….I have shampoo and hair repair with that in it. GREAT
      maintenance for the blond hair. Do you use the purple shampoo and
      conditioner at all? I use it every 2 weeks. It gets rid of the product
      build up and freshens up the color.

  4. Try Olaplex, I have been watching a lot of videos about and one lady had
    the bleach on her hair for 2 hrs. using the Olaplex ( well, actually, her
    hair dresser did her hair) with no damage.

  5. I kept waiting for your hair to fall out…IN CLUMPS! Could not believe
    that. I definitely manipulate my hair color about twice a year, but have
    never had the lady balls to bleach it more than ONCE a year. Whew. Your
    scalp is the real MVP.

  6. I’m getting the T18 soon, also how do you dye your eyebrows lighter?! I
    have dark eyebrows & I want them lighter.. I’ve bleached them before

  7. When you put the toner your hair has to be a little wet.. Looks good tho
    ???????? I’ve had my hair like this since January n love it!

  8. I am SO scared for your hair. I really want to dye my hair white. But my
    hair is ethnic too and always DRY! Like all the time. Its probably a number
    5 brown? Naturally… I was hoping there was a way to lighten it without
    the bleaching…

  9. if your roots are already white why do you keep adding more lightening and
    chemicals to it? just add it to the yellow and brassy parts that needs it. 

  10. Obviously everyone has different hair. Thick dark hair can take a bleach
    beating using 40 vol (30 vol doesn’t lift even 1 level on some hair) over &
    over and lighter thin hair definitely can’t it’s simple. Educate yourself
    so you don’t rely on anyone’s ignorance. Most hair stylists aren’t
    comfortable bleaching client’s hair & will definitely not suggest it.
    Finding a good stylist is near impossible. This is why I support educating
    yourself & doing your own (even when the world says NOOOOO don’t! It’s your
    life not theirs) Or you can always just play it safe & settle for hair you
    aren’t confident/happy with.

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