Working with Moldable Plastic – Heating (Polymorph, Instamorph)

Working with Moldable Plastic

In this quick tip on working with moldable plastic aka thermoplastic, I will show you how to use them and I will teach you tips and tricks that I have learned in working with moldable plastics like Polymorph, Instamorph, Plastimake, Worblas Finest Art, Friendly Plastic, and Polly Plastics.

Heating with hot water is not always the best method for softeneing, I'll teach you when to use it and when not to. Enjoy!

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Checkout how I made the Master Sword from Zelda using Polly Plastics

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15 Comments on Working with Moldable Plastic – Heating (Polymorph, Instamorph)

  1. And you can color it with Sharpies. Just melt, press, draw squiggles on it
    with a Sharpie or two or three different colored Sharpies and then melt
    again and knead until you get the color or striations or marbling you want.

    • +Cody Sawyer I used to roll it out with a rolling pin in a cookie sheet.
      But I have found a far easier method using a Pasta maker. I will be making
      a video soon on how I use it to flatten the plastic 🙂

    • +Cody Sawyer Nope, I haven’t had any pans get ruined since I have been
      using it:) sometimes some plastic will stick to the pan, but you just let
      it cool and it will come right off 🙂

    • +Jedidiah Taubel Yeah, I felt like there was a need for more than just
      videos on how to heat up the plastic or make teeth with it 🙂 So I did a
      lot of trial and error making things with it to find out the best ways to
      do different things with it, and I discover more everyday so I should be
      able to make quite a few tips videos! 🙂

    • +Plastic Apprentice – Cosplay Swords by Relyks
      I’m looking forward to it! I’ve been looking for YouTube tutorials but
      haven’t found much. a lot about making vampire fangs or simple super hero
      eye masks. tips and tricks on doing details and such would be awesome!

    • Yay! I’m glad it helped! I am going to be releasing several more tips
      videos in the next several weeks on building complicated shapes, how to
      shape detail into it, and a bunch of other things I have learned. Hopefully
      those will help you too!! 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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