Yaya Han Vlog: Barbados Snorkeling & freediving! Turtles! Shipwrecks!

I'm so excited about my underwater adventure in Barbados! Not only did I snorkel with several sea turtles, but I also dove down to 3 shipwrecks! I have dived with tanks in the past, but this was the first time I tried free diving. So. Cool. It was the best vacation activity I could imagine!

Regarding the turtles: We were a small group of 7, with an experienced guide who was very respectful toward the turtles and instructed us to do the same. Unlike the big Catamaran tours, which puts 40 people in the water surrounding one turtle, we paid for a more private and leisurely executed experience, which in no way disturbed the turtles. In fact, they out numbered us and kept bumping into us and coming in close. Our guide Charles fed them big chunks of Mahi-Mahi, which he procures each day for his tours. We spent an hour with the turtles, which would have been impossible if they felt disturbed.

Our Tour was booked through: and I can't recommend them enough!

Video shot on my GoPro + waterproof case, and my little vlogging Sony.

Music provided by the free Youtube Audio Library

Edited by me! It was so hard to choose from the footage we got because there were so many great shots. Agh the cute turtles!!!

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  1. I’m beyond jealous. Don’t get me wrong. You’re beyond gorgeous but the
    experience of swimming with sea turtles may trump my walk with Manatees.
    My head would explode at those depths

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