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44 Comments on Kenma Kozume – Cosplay Make-up Tutorial – Haikyuu!!

    • +weeb Mi dispiace tesoro ma queste lenti le avevo comprate in un negozio
      qui nella mia città…comunque non te le consiglierei per Kenma…Sono
      abbastanza brutte,ma io a quel tempo avevo solo quelle, infatti a lungo
      andare ho cambiato e ne ho preso un paio gialle/oro normali.
      Se ti piace l’effetto “pupilla da gatto”, ti passo quelle che Uniqso ha
      Ma comunque non te le consiglio perchè queste lenti si girano di continuo
      nell’occhio e ti ritrovi ad avere le pupille storte ogni volta! (intendo
      quelle della lente, non del tuo occhio :'” )

    • well, it never gave me ‘problems’ to be honest, so I don’t see why you have
      to say that it’s wrong.
      I’ve seen other people doing this but then again, I don’t use contact
      lenses anymore, so it’s okay
      thank you for your advice!

    • I’m with Artist on this one. I was taught by an optometrist how to put on
      my lenses since I have to wear it so I won’t be blind lol. Depending on how
      you put the lenses, it can actually make tiny cuts or scratches on your eye
      which obv can only be seen by a professional using a machine. But if it’s
      not doing any damage on your eye then by all means, do what you are
      comfortable with.

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