Wet T-Shirt TEST Stain-Proof + Waterproof Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt

G'day Everyone!
This shirt is the Cavalier, in the size XS womens. It's a 100% cotton stain-proof and waterproof t-shirt created using nanotechnology.

"The patented nanotechnology enhances the material’s resistance to water and stains, without diminishing the natural breathability of the cotton. This nanotechnology minimises the surface area for water and dirt to adhere to, causing it to bead up and roll off the fabric – creating a natural self-cleaning effect."

For more info check out the Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt website :

Music kindly provided by ArchDuke. Song name: Reassurance
Stream it and Download it track by track here on Soundcloud

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28 Comments on Wet T-Shirt TEST Stain-Proof + Waterproof Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt

    • .. .wut? Do you honestly believe people are weird enough to photoshop cars
      into their videos? What is the point of that, it doesn’t make any sense. If
      the car is “photoshopped” then how do you explain all the other videos of
      us in/with it? Not everything is some crazy conspiracy, some people just
      have nice cars 😀

  1. Yeah I need to get one of these for when I have my next baby haha. And some
    for the baby itself.

    Actually, WHY aren’t all young kids clothes made of this?! It would be a
    godsend. Srsly.

  2. This video introduced me to the hip hop duo ArchDuke a while back. we are
    in talks of a collaboration all because of you Mary! thank you so much!

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