Haunted Woods Makeup Tutorial NYX FACE AWARDS 2016 ENTRY

I'm back with yet another tattoo inspired makeup look! This time it's one of Jamie Lee Parker's stunning creations!
I've done a look based on one of his other tattoos before, but without a video tutorial. The response I got was so amazing, and so many people asking me how I could paint my neck with such detail, I decided to show you guys! I hope you like it!

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22 Comments on Haunted Woods Makeup Tutorial NYX FACE AWARDS 2016 ENTRY

  1. Based off of this entry alone, you should win. I’m a fellow artist and I
    know the amount of skill and technique this requires! To paint your hands
    too? Yeah, you deserve to win – not just ‘go to the next round’. lol

  2. Incredible, really looks like a creepy guy comes from a deep alley in a
    forest, and the applyment of the makeup is just devine to look at, it’s so
    wonderful; I am a big fan anyway !!!!!!!!!!!

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