18 Comments on How To Paint A Nerf Gun Black Ops Weaponized 115

  1. Man, i really want to send a picture to you about a nerf that i customize
    inspired no Your channel. Your opinion really matters. Thanks at all!

  2. Still lost alot of respect for you after your videp crying about coop772.

    That being said I’m super glad you’re doing something that’s not swirl

  3. It looks freakin awesome thanks for doing it is is so brilliantly simple
    that it looks spot on. You have already done so great and you didn’t need
    to even take on the first request, but if you’re up to it would you try the
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Afterlife camo, I think you could do it really
    well and even though it should be fairly simple, I think it could look

  4. This is not exactly helpful. I think that your repetitive dip jobs are sort
    of annoying, and this is not anything that people can’t figure out
    themselves. I think that you could have more subscribers and views if you
    actually posted helpful things, and maybe if you talked a little faster.

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