Steven Universe Cosplay : Sworn to the Sword

A recreation of some of the scenes from Sworn to the Sword with creative liberties.

We have been planning on making this short film since around September 2015 and despite of the challenges we faced during planning and filming (from 5 planned hours of filming using 2 cameras to 2 hours using 1 camera. Curse you sun and last minute cancellations!) we're so glad we actually pushed through with it.

It's not perfect, we know, given our limited time and resources; but we poured our hearts and souls into making this, (almost risking to fall off a hella high cliff during the filming!) for all who love Steven Universe, so we hope you folks like this.

Production Crew | Cast :

Hiraya Mondragon

Sound Assistance:
Alan Barraza

Love Like You Instrumentals:
[Piano] Ersilia Fitzherbert

[Flute + Other Instruments + Editting] Gelo Grayson

Steven Universe | Storyboard:

Connie Maheswaran | Script Editor:

Pearl | Script Editor:

Garnet | Transportation:
Raymond John

Enrica Heiderich

Rose Quartz:
Whoops Antony

Taka Fujiles

Filmed in Fortune Island (Nasugbu,Batangas Philippines)

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse.
We own nothing.

Thank you for watching.

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29 Comments on Steven Universe Cosplay : Sworn to the Sword

  1. As much as we had wanted to recreate it as exact to the episode, we had to
    make do with our own wits and resources, given the limited time we had.

    We honestly hope this lived up to your expectations!

  2. As a fan of steven universe, you did good guys, especially the girl who
    portrayed Connie who is my favorite female character in the show!

  3. Wow! You guys did a really great job! I just happened upon this video
    because I was looking up Steven Universe Cosplay videos for inspiration.
    I’m so glad I clicked on it ^^ Keep up the good work! Gosh I love this
    fandom haha <3

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