100 Comments on My Morning Routine 2016

  1. I showed my bare face in this video. Absolutely no makeup.^^ I’m not afraid
    of it because
    every girl look a bit different with and without makeup, right? ^^

    • +Hikaruchchi No one is saying that she is anorexic. Why everybody talk
      about something I never said ? Please, read the comments above ! For you to
      understand why it isn’t normal weigh yourself everyday . Of course , all
      people can weigh themselves ! Who says no ? The difference is to do it 2 or
      4 times every month that everyday .. You understand ? And yep, I know who
      is Eugenia and I can only say that I hope she doesn’t die..

  2. You look so cute with and without make-up, but I have to say that I like
    your look without make-up even better, it’s so adorable :3

  3. I really really liked this video! A night routine would be a good follow
    up. Also, can you do a video on how you got your hair so long/how to
    maintain healthy long hair?

    • I love watching hair care videos! Growing your hair can be a long, grueling
      process depending on your hair growth cycles. Drink water, eat healthy
      (with good fats like olive oil), reduce heat use, comb from end to crown.
      Then… wait! :p I think the last time I cut my hair was last summer at
      shoulder length. It now just barely reaches my boobs. 🙁 Hopefully your
      hair grows faster!!

    • I think what the male meant was that “tiny rice” is what a little child
      would say,I don’t think he meant it in THAT way.But who knows,let’s just
      respect her privacy~

    • +Frosting1000 I agree with you, people normally come with an afirmation but
      doesn’t know nothing about the subject. Theories are totally accepted, but
      they insist about Yumi didn’t talked so we can’t say nothing, just make

    • +Asen Radaza I think that theory makes a lot of sense. As her fans we
      shouldn’t try to overhype or jump to conclusions, or else it would just
      cause another Marina Joyce situation.

    • We cannot conlcude that she is into ddlg. This are just some little clues
      about what her real life is. also. Though in her video where she was in an
      accident her dad looks american. Probably inhis early senior years. She
      also has a vlog where her mom was the one filming for her. I’m thinking her
      mom is chinese and so is her real father. She mentioned somewhere that she
      got her bikini in China which means she has been traveling there. Perhaps,
      her mom remarried that’s why she is now living here in the US. Also, the
      reason why the guy in the video has an american accent. But off course this
      is just my theory.

    • Yeah but that was when she was in Washington and she’s not there right now.
      And she may always wear a collar but she’s in her pjs and has a collar on
      :p I’M JUST CONSPIRING though haha

    • When I saw your comment, for a second there I thought I had already
      commented because of the name, and avatar with a mouse and rainbow
      background. LOL! I wish you luck in finding a Yumi of your very own. 😉

    • +Mouse GrayEagle Keep on watching her amazing videos, I think this is the
      only solution I can give you ????
      But maybe, one day, you’ll meet a girl like Yumi and you’ll be happy ????

    • +artistBehindTheGlasses 2201 That would be nice but the best part of a Yumi
      is her beautiful personality and adorable little voice and that would be a
      very hard thing to get in a doll. :/

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