[REVIEW] Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Unboxing, Review, & Firing Test

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Video review of the Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200. This is a spring powered blaster that fires two balls per shot and accepts Nerf Rival Zeus magazines.

I purchased my Atlas locally at Target even though it's not available on their site yet.
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72 Comments on [REVIEW] Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Unboxing, Review, & Firing Test

  1. I’m pretty young and not really incredibly strong or anything. Would it be
    better to get an Atlas in comparison to an Apollo because the Atlas is just
    easier to prime? (I’m not getting the zeus nor khaos cuz I don’t want them

    • +TJ Cowart I have fired the Apollo at a friends house and if you want to
      shoulder it WICH helps you fire faster I think you could just put part of a
      pool noodle on the end so it’s not hard and plasticky

    • Same thing for me I’m pretty sure you you can prime the Apollo fine but you
      probably won’t be able to fire super fast because it’s a terrible priming
      location but with the atlas you can fire faster but you only have 6 shots
      personally I am getting the Apollo

    • +Aqua Smosh
      With modern technology, yes. Modern shotguns use shells. But before
      firearms technology had self-contained rounds (brass casings and plastic
      shotgun shells), shotguns still existed. Which means a shotgun isn’t
      defined by its ammunition, but by its projectile(s) . Yes, the
      small difference between ammunition and projectiles matters.
      As noted by +Matther Pham and +Lord Grief Mc. Scumbag, shotguns can fire
      shot, slugs, and flechettes. Or anything else munitions producers come up

  2. Still waiting for a good rival weapon that suits my needs. This was going
    to be my pick but it shoots two at a time and I just want a single shot.

  3. Not sure if this one’s worth $40 as that’s about what a Zeus goes for, but
    with the Apollo MSRP at $25, street price of about $20, it’s easy to see
    why Hasbro set that price point.

    Replaces the awkward charging system of the Apollo, but would have
    benefited by a manual blocking mechanism that restricted the feeding
    mechanism to a single ball. Easy fix to place a block in the feeding tube,
    but decent product design shouldn’t needs mods for a basic function.

    Still cheaper and easier to mod than an Apollo with a 3D printed pump
    action kit.

    Also utilizes a better mag well design than the Zeus.

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