My Night Routine 2016

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Hello, everyone, I saw lots of comments about this. I just want to make it clear, he is not my Dad or Step Dad

I read your comments. Thank you all so much for supporting me. ^^ I do sewing videos because I really want to wear the clothes that I like. And sometimes I like to make different DIYs because I need them (like accessories, decors, supplies etc.) and I want to make things that I have never made before. Sometimes, I like to do some vlogs because I’m in breaks and I want to have fun. When school starts, I won’t be able to do these fun things. Sometimes, I do lookbooks because I like to try out new fashion styles. This is me. This is my life. I don’t want to be limit to one type of thing. I like to explore more.

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88 Comments on My Night Routine 2016

  1. Why can’t people leave poor Yumi alone? She is a content creator and has
    the right to make whatever she wants. She still posts her sewing tutorials,
    so why are you so upset? She can make whatever she wants and if you don’t
    like that too bad. She’s not a Marina Joyce so calm down! The guy saying
    those things was clearly joking, but apparently in 2016 being able to
    detect sarcasm is a trait only few possess. Not to mention in her bio it
    even tells you she’s a student from China, to answer the question as to why
    he had a different accent. It was probably someone she lives with to make
    costs for living here more reasonable. And if she is dating him so what?
    She’s in her twenties, a grown woman who can do what she wants, it’s not
    your business so stop being a judgemental prick over a video someone
    probably requested showing a bit of her life.

  2. You should probably disable the comments because I really do hope that guy
    was joking in the beginning but there will be hell to pay Yumi ???? I know
    you shouldn’t live life according to others but that was NOT OKAY. Period.
    stay cute <3

  3. Everybody is being so rude it’s upsetting. She is an adult, she can do what
    she wants with her boyfriend and with her YouTube channel. Unsubscribe from
    her if it makes you unhappy.

  4. who calls his child sweety vor baby. this is disturbing omg… this dude
    creeps me out so much. the way he touches her in her last Video… creepy
    as hell

  5. I still think it’s her sugar daddy guys, what dad or step dad records their
    grown daughter in the bath…creepy!!! She has her own tripod camera, he
    didn’t need to be there!

  6. I’m disappointed by this comment section. You guys do not have to worry
    about how her step dad takes care of her. He was obviously joking and she
    may have needed him to give her the products when she was taking a bath.
    Stop making weird assumptions about others’ families. She seems completely
    happy and comfortable which is the most important thing.

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