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Romwe Promotional Activities:
Navy V Neck Backless Sheath Dress:
Striped Overall Pants Print T-shirt-White:
White Contrast Sailor Collar High Low T-shirt:

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68 Comments on Back to School Outfit Ideas| From Sexy to Childish + Real Talk + Mini Vlogs

  1. I’d always thought that it was pretty common for Asian girls who are into
    the kawaii stuff to act like this. It’s not the first time for me seeing
    this. But it sucks that she’s got to explain herself. She’s not doing
    anyone any harm, yet she’s getting so much hate & so many judgemental
    comments. She should be able to act the way she wants to act. Yumi, the
    people in the hate comments are just uninformed cunts, don’t listen to
    them. By the way, these outfits were lovely, and I fucking love those pink
    shoes/heels. You’re really talented, you put so much work into your videos
    and you upload so much, people should appreciate that more. 

  2. I don’t think you act like a child, it’s other people with negative views
    who act like a childern.
    people will always envy what they are too lazy to do or try themselves, so
    don’t feel you need to explain yourself.♡

    • +LeDubKitty You’ll find them if you go looking for them on her older
      videos. As I say, everyone has their opinions and her feelings were hurt.
      What you find find hurtful, may be different to others.

    • yeah I think she is a kid at heart and is just very bright and perky acting
      childish would be like saying something stupid or doing something a little
      kid would

    • +LeDubKitty Some people do mean to be rude, not all but some. Everyone is
      entitled to their opinions, but being a jerk about what someone chooses to
      do and loves to is just unnecessary.

  3. I don’t know why so many people are saying she should cover her nips or
    edit it. Like if men can show their nipples/full chest women should be able
    to do so as well. #freethenipple

  4. you should do the boyfriend tag! it would be kawaii p.s love your videos????
    and i think it’s acceptable to act the way you want when having fun!

  5. Nipples at 4:16 Don’t want to sound rude but I like nipples as much as the
    next guy but I just wanted to point it out incase it was a mistake…

  6. You’re so wonderful Yumi. ^.^ You look so pretty in everything you wear.
    Being childish just means you know how to live, be happy and have fun.
    Never grow up because having the heart of a child is something that others
    will try to steal from you out of jealousy. Never let them bring you down.
    You’re beautiful no matter who you choose to be <3

  7. You have such a beautiful and long hair! If you haven’t, you should do a
    video about how you take care of your hair, like the products you use and
    how often you cut the ends and so, it would be great and really helpful!

  8. you should do more cosplay in public or wear your cute outfits in public
    and it would be much appreciated to wear nipple pads. u can get them at the
    dollar store.

    • She already has an invisible bra tutorial and bra pads; she’s shown them in
      DIY tutorials. She just chose not to wear them because she doesn’t have to.

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