Prop: Live – Q&A with Jechts – 8/25/2016

Punished Props’ awesome cosplay crafter guest this week is Jechts! Bill and DJ answer questions about lighting thin props, hand carving insulation foam (EPS), robot arms, favorite materials, electronics, PlastiDip cracking, fitness, future cosplays, duct tape body forms, and more!



XTPower External Battery Pack

Coregeek Lighting Tutorial Video


1-2-3 Blocks

Pull Stroke Handsaw

Sanding Block



Adding Pigments to Epoxy

Poly Latex 60

Plasti Dip

Mod Podge

Plastalina Clay

How to Make Foam Spikes

3D Printing Nerd Video Channel

Duct Tape Dummy Video – with Andrew Cook (DFT)

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