Honest Review: The Legendfire, A Revolver/Rifle Hybrid

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I want to like this blaster so badly but no trigger and weird ergonomics makes me want to lean the other direction.

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46 Comments on Honest Review: The Legendfire, A Revolver/Rifle Hybrid

  1. maybe somebody will mod it to use a real trigger system i don’t have one so
    i don’t know the internals but i wouls hope it couldn’t be that hard

    • +Dragonzoid98 I agree. Well welcome to the modification world! I wouldn’t
      be too surprised if a NerfHaven user 3D printed or cut out a whole catch
      system and hooked it all up to a real trigger.

    • I’d love to but I’m still new to modding plus i also don’t really want one
      it’s cool and all but i don’t like omg need it right now if i find one of
      sale one day i might pick it up

    • I could quite easily with some polycarb and such but I don’t really want a
      legendfire at the moment. You should give it a go, it can’t be too hard.

  2. They probably didnt have a trigger cos if it did Hasbro would then get
    triggered ( see what i did there ????) and sue them for copying their slam
    fire system.

  3. Hey, hey, hey! UNDERBARREL INTEGRATION. 4x capacity compared to a
    Strongarm, plus no mod to make slam-fire exclusive. And swappable turrets.

  4. the flap is so you see which dart or if a dart is going to fire I believe,
    because it will always be pushed. Otherwiseif it’s flat it’s on an empty

  5. Legend has it that when you open a flask with Blood of the Innocent, Drac
    will appear before you and bargain a trade of nerfpain and nerfpain

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