Fallout 4 Assaultron Costume Assembly – Prop: Shop

Britt shows how she made the Fallout 4 Assaultron headpiece and how all the armor is assembled and attached to the undersuit.

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Tools and materials used:

Sew-On Snaps



Nylon Webbing and Buckles

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47 Comments on Fallout 4 Assaultron Costume Assembly – Prop: Shop

  1. Fun stuff! I’m not much into cosplay, but the ingenuity that goes into
    these with the cheapest, most available materials makes it a true
    maker-art, and of that I’m a fan. Well done! Cheers, Chris.

  2. There’s a moment at 7:28, when the claws are finally tugged into place,
    where +Brittany Doran raises her arms and instantly slips into character.
    That magical moment when the transformation is complete has to be my
    favorite part of wearing and watching others wear costumes; when you fully
    become someone/something else!

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