NERF LOADOUTS: Drac’s NvZ Loadout (Final Day)

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I normally recommend against carrying this many blasters and this much gear but I lost most of my squad and had to run heavier than I like to. This is what I came up with the night before. I took us to final stand.

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38 Comments on NERF LOADOUTS: Drac’s NvZ Loadout (Final Day)

  1. Hello,
    I have been wrongly banned from your Twitch chat because of false
    acquisitions from your moderator, Ethan. I was simply saying the lyrics to
    the song Safety Dance when I was temporarily banned for spamming,
    understandable. However, after I became unbanned, I said “I’m back Ethan”,
    kindly and politely letting him know that I had returned from the temporary
    ban. After this, Ethan replied with “not anymore muellz2″(My Twitch
    username) and permanently banned me. I cried. But the tears quickly became
    anger. I sent Ethan a long and detailed message about how he is unqualified
    to be a moderator. At this point and time I am not sure if he has seen the
    message. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I was banned under
    false conditions and would greatly appreciate for you to make me unbanned
    once again. Thank you

    • Then what’s the point of it? The missile launcher is literally the only
      thing that makes the Demolisher unique. If you want to cut off the missile
      launcher, just buy a stryfe. It’s cheaper, looks cooler, matches more
      attachments (If you’re into that), and is smaller too.

  2. If I pray for the magnificent Drac to respond, will the long told stories
    of the magnificent Drac shall respond? Legends say if you get here in a 30
    minute radius. Let’s see if the legends are true, and if our hero shall
    respond to one, measly comment.

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