Nyx Face Awards 2016 Vlog Part 1

Here's a bit of my experience from being a finalist in the Nyx Face Awards 2016.
I had so much fun with the other girls, that I didn't get a chance to vlog all that much, but I wanted to share some of the memories I made with you guys.

21 Comments on Nyx Face Awards 2016 Vlog Part 1

  1. I 100% thought you should have won. Your final video was beautiful, but not
    only that, all of your other videos blew me away.they were so beyond all
    the other contestants… oh well, youre YouTube career is going to be

  2. I still can’t believe you shaved your head!! Anyway I’m from the team who
    thinks you should won. I’m just a new subscriber and I loved your work in
    all the competition

  3. I watched the winner be announced live

    I was really disappointed in who won 🙁 I wish you did, but congrats to
    Laura anyways

  4. I was really hoping that you would win because I felt like you put in SO
    MUCH effort! And you shaved your head! Either way, I’m so proud of you and
    thank you for sharing this experience with us! :)

  5. What an experience! Thank you for sharing this with us – I loved each and
    every one of your videos during this competition.

  6. Me sorprendí con lo de tu córrete de cabello, me enamoraste con tu
    personalidad fuerte y talento. Felicidades y Saludos desde México

  7. I absolutely loved your final look, and I hoped you would have won but I’m
    really glad to be able to see how happy this adventure has made you! Have
    an awesome day!

  8. Loved seeing this!! Can’t wait to see part 2!! Love you and everything you
    do Pompberry xxx love and hugs from Australia ????????????????????????????

  9. Ugh I wish you would have won. I was voting for you! You seemed to to put
    so much work and emotion in every video you made! You’re amazing❤️✨????

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